Thursday, 28 July 2016

Cold Water Brewing for Iced Tea

Here is another and very simple way to make Iced Tea, I like it so much better for certain types of Iced tea that I thought I had better write another post.

This is for Lemon and lime with Green Tea. I personally hate Green tea Brewed Hot! Als if you are caffeine sensitive there is much less with cold water brewing. I can drink it made this way, all day and have no problems.

You will need a 2 Litre jug  - that's roughly 4 pints.
4 Tea Bags - I have used Green Tea, and it's so much better cold brewed! I used:
Kirkland Green Tea from Costco. You can buy it from other sources such as Amazon. I don't get paid from any links, or purchases, or referrals. I simply like it, and drink it. And I've lost weight too!

Product Details
The picture will help you know what to look for if you are not a Costco member.
8 teaspoons of sugar.
The juice of 1 Lemon & Lime.
500ml glass or 1/2 pint.
Small 1 pint or 500ml measuring jug.

Fill your jug almost to the top, add your Green teabags and let them cold brew for 3-5 minutes, give them a plunge or a few good jiggles, then remove the teabags and stir in the sugar.

The juice of the lemon and lime needs adding now. As an acid it acts like an oxidising agent on the tea, lightening it. Don't  worry if you get pips in and some lemon or lime flesh, because you can always strain it or fish them out with  a spoon, as you pour it later. You can even add the whole of the spent fruits!

Now put the jug to chill in the refrigerator. You might want to cover it with some clingfilm so it doesn't pick up any unwanted flavours. You don't want a strong odour ruining your drink!
I can barely wait while it chills for 30 minutes!
Now take a large glass and half fill it with ice. Pour the Iced Tea over the ice and swirl around with a straw to really chill it.

There you have it, glorious delicate Green Tea with lemon and Lime Iced Tea.
It's simple, cooling, and better for you on a hot day. Refreshing!

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